SallandTrail 2020: Still very popular!

SallandTrail 2020: Still very popular!

The SallandTrail 2020 will take place on Saturday, March 14 2020. The registration for the trails of 25 km, 50 km and 50 Mile (80 km) has meanwhile opened and again it appears that the popularity of the SallandTrail is still huge after 9 years!

Registration for the 25 km SallandTrail 2020 opened on November 10th and within a few hours the maximum of 700 available tickets had been reached! The opened “Reserve list” counts more than 50 enthusiasts of the trails who would like to be eligible for a ticket one week later! This is only possible as soon as among the 700 registered persons people drop out.

The registration for the 50 km SallandTrail and 50 Mile SallandTrail was opened on November 3rd. There are now (Nov 18th) 265 participants from home and abroad on the 50 km list. A maximum of 325 people can start at this distance!
For the 50 Mile SallandTrail, 105 ultra runners are already listed! Many people who have participated several times and now want to tackle the 80 km over the beautiful Salland hills again. A maximum of 175 participants can start at this distance.

Compared to previous years, the interest in the ultratrails is at least the same. This means that the 50 km SallandTrail will probably reach the maximum number of 325 registrations before February 1st. The 50 Mile is expected to reach the maximum of 175 entries mid February. It’s just that you know. (-;

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